Intelligent Digital QA

Digitization of Test Processes is required to reduce the manual efforts and cost while increasing application quality

brokerkart Architecture

" This model has six major components viz., "

  • Requirements Derivation
  • Test Cases Generation
  • Test Data Generation
  • Computation of Expected Results
  • Test Execution through Automation
  • Reporting

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Requirement Analysis involves capturing the requirements in an objective manner with the following; 1. Attributes / Fields 2. Possible Values for Attributes / Fields 3. Applicable Business Rules for each Attribute / Field

Test Case Generating Algorithm

The inputs from Requirement Gathering & Analysis are fed into the algorithm for generating optimal set of Test Cases for given scenarios involving multiple business processes

Test Data Generating Algorithm

From the set of Test Cases that are Generated, Test data is generated either through Test Data Generator or by using SQL Queries from the system

Expected Results Generation

Expected results for Scenarios involving “Premium Computation validation” can be generated using Premium Benchmarking Application (PBA)

Test Automation

Execution of Scenarios through Automation tool pre-built with scripts pertaining to each line of business

Digital Reporting

This feature is currently under prototyping. Objective of the feature is to render custom reports based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) or search using any keyword

Digital QA

Intelligent Digital Testing Platform (IDTP) is a digital way for Quality assurance which is currently implemented for Insurance vertical

Testing is no longer effort intensive and subjective process when we can implement IDTP. The most critical part in the whole process which would need manual efforts is the requirements derivation.

This is achieved through Intelligent Digital Testing Platform (IDTP) which is a collection of tools that enable the user to achieve optimal quality with minimal effort.