Achieve Scale, Speed, and Accuracy with Robotic & Cognitive Automation

Robotics and Cognitive Automation enabled transformation is the continuum of technologies that help organisations automate both business processes and operations.

More specifically, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Artificial Intelligence have emerged as breakthrough technologies that provide new opportunities to extend automation to processes that require a high degree of decision making or involve a wide potential for exceptions.

Experts believe that in the next wave of adoption (which presumably is still some way to go), it will be possible for firms to automate bulk of the repetitive tasks which would also include taking decisions based on rules and data points.

Scenario 1

Enabling process automation across complete sales operations negates manual errors and offers seamless service to customers. By process automation sales processes are expedited compared to manual processes which in turn lead to customers receiving invoices earlier, leading to earlier payments and improved cash flow.

Scenario 2

Customer onboarding process is a very critical step across all service providers and B2C products. Using RPA, & cognitive automation, most customer onboarding processes can be completed in fraction of a time, greatly improving customer experience.

Scenario 3

Legacy modernization without involving technology upgrading or version upgrade exercises that consume lot of time and effort can be delivered through RPA by redefining the processes around the legacy

The above scenarios work based on 2 levels of intelligent automation:

1.Application of a combination of robotics, analytics and decision engines, adding an element of judgement (augment human intelligence)

2.Deployment of cognitive robotics through Machine Learning or statistical modelling to continuously optimise action (mimic human intelligence)

How FA can help:

We are digital natives with a deep understanding of the Business processes across verticals. Our highly qualified team of process experts, data architects, data analysts, statisticians and programmers are fully equipped to engage with the client team to study candidate processes in great detail and understand the suitability of RP/CA.

Our 5-stage approach for a successful implementation is shown below:

Our approach ensures elimination of unnecessary steps while optimizing the remaining actions in each identified process. We estimate that, through careful analysis, 25-40% of manual process steps can be automated. Automation of additional 10-15% of processes can be identified based on statistical analysis, workforce and workload monitoring. Additionally, for judgment based processes such as exception handling, FA will explore usage of cognitive intelligence to increase automation by another 20%.

FA’s engagement can be tailored to suit the needs of the client organization allowing a gradual scale-up from building a foundation with a few BOTS to a full-fledged capability that produces deep insight and value.