Shift Focus From CI Pipelines to DevOps Assembly Lines

Automating DevOps activities and extracting value from the tool chain helps achieve continuous delivery

Moving faraway from the conventional SDLC model, DevOps a conceptual term that encompasses set of practices and cultural values has been proven to help organizations of all sizes improve their software release cycles, software quality, security, and ability to get rapid feedback on product development. Today, DevOps is viewed as the easy option to quicker delivery of software, superior efficiency, and potential to be ahead of competition.

Key Areas that benefit the clients through DevOps Implementation

Where do we start for implementing DevOps?

As a starting point, focussing on the technical practices will help us achieve the very things that DevOps came into existence.

Some, eager to start on the DevOps path, begin by researching which tools they should buy. More important than specific tools, though, are the technical practices that enable you to achieve the very things that most people turn to DevOps for;

  • Comprehensive Version Control
  • Continuous Integration & Trunk Based Development
  • Integrating Security into Software Delivery
  • Deployment Automation
  • Test Automation

These practices in synergy with transformational leadership and purpose-fit tools that can be chosen from an array of Open source and COTS products will make the Devops journey seamless.

With Multiple DevOps implementation across various open source and commercial tools, we provide services in the following areas;

  • Review & Assessment
  • Tools Selection
  • Implementation
  • Benefits Measurement