Unlock big data’s full value using automated data prep

"Without Big Data, you are blind and deaf in the middle of a freeway"-Geoffrey Moore, Management Consultant & Theorist

Experts believe that in the next wave of adoption (which presumably is still some way to go), it will be possible for firms to underwrite common products like Auto, Health, Travel and Personal Accident completely by AI systems as depicted in the below sample scenario:

Few can dispute that.

However, the challenge comes when the conversing data becomes loud and noisy. You don’t hear the voice; you hear the cacophony. This is where organizations face issues.

Organizations are buckling under huge, diverse data volumes.

The amount of time spent simply preparing data towards building advanced, big data analytics is overwhelming organizations struggling for resources and time. This is often to the tune of anywhere between 50-70% of IT time spent preparing data. The struggle includes dealing with rapidly growing data volumes, data sets becoming increasingly varied and complex and making sense of data coming from number of sources and in different formats.

The key lies in taking advantage of automated data preparation and processing tools & methodologies.

FA Software Rapid Data Prep Service:

Set up a highly scalable data wrangling solution leveraging best of breed tools and technologies built on Open Source Big Data stack (Hadoop/Spark), and enhanced with Natural Language Processing. Our Rapid Data Prep service leverages deep experience combined with industry specific methodologies that reduce time to market for setting up a fit-for-purpose data prep solution tailored to the analytical needs of your business.